April 03, 2019

Site Redesign

This is my microblog, where I will be posting ideas, news, etc. It is archived. There is also a blog which contains longer articles.

Here's the source code for this site.

Naming Conventions

I've been experimenting & making progress with Naming Conventions. Naming conventions for immutable entities has proven to reduce incidental complexity. I'm working on fleshing out the last details & a whitepaper. Please stay tuned. This practice has helped me remove incidental complexity from my codebases.


I'm also a fan of Svelte (v3) & Sapper. Svelte is provides truly reactive stores & html components. Html components mean it's easy for programmers & non-programmers (e.g. designers) to work with. Svelte is compiled, resulting in a payload that is small, fast, & memory efficient.


Lately, I have been turned onto Holochain. Thanks to Eric Yang, founder of Junto for introducing me to this technology.

I've read through:

I encourage you to read these papers, as they explain the state of distributed networks & the innovations that Holochain & the Holo currency bring.