January 17, 2015

Feeling Abstraction

Brian Takita - Do Not Worry, Everything Exists - From Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Creaci%C3%B3n_de_Ad%C3%A1m.jpg - Licensed under Creative Commons

Does God exist? Surely, Santa Claus & Unicorns do not exist. Yet we are talking about them. If they don't exist, why & how am I talking about them?

Santa Claus & Unicorns do exist, as fictional characters; more on God later. Everything Exists. The concept conceptually exists. It may also physically exist; like the men who name themselves Santa Claus.

Surely this must be a cheat; Some sort of sleight of hand; Missing the point. However...

It's All About the Context

Words are fuzzy patterns. A word in different situations has a different meaning. A word has different meanings between speaker & listener.

Adding context gives precise meaning. An atheist can accurately say; God does not exist in my belief system or I don't believe in God; denying the need for God, yet having compassion for someone else's belief system. Religious believers can have compassion for all nonbelievers, as there are many interdependent tribes on Earth.

Everything is Governed by Nature

The nature of Physical & Conceptual Existence follows behaviour that we can study using the arts (spirituality included) & sciences. Supernatural phenomena is caused by unknown Natural Law.

The Nature of God is Defined by each Person

God is a concept, who's meaning is as individual as the person who hold it.

God, to me, is Existence (conceptual & physical). Every person has a belief system. The simple abstraction of the belief system is the God, even if we don't call it God.

God involves creation. Our feelings, thoughts, & actions create God; We can create God the jealous, wrathful, & cruel; We can create God the loving, compassionate, & nurturing.

The Need for Exoteric Religion?

A person's belief system influences the person's thoughts, actions, & interpretations.

Some Exoteric Religions impose a belief system composed of some outdated traditions. There are unifying ethics that create harmony with self & others, however these ethics can be taught without Exoteric Religion.

Our Nature & Calling

Having compassion for ourselves & each other connects us in harmonious interdependence. A symbiotic spiral of evolving intelligence, love, dignity.

When we love, respect, & have compassion for ourselves & each other, we live.