September 14, 2013

Automated Black Box Testing

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Doing Good in the Addiction Economy

Interesting but long winded post, IMO. But then, maybe my impatience toward long posts is telling in the short term rewards culture we live in. Of course time is valuable, and trying to get to the core concept of some the writing is often the goal. We don’t seem to savor the journey as much, or the journey has changed to be our lives toward success…

America is a culture of accomplishment. We feel the not so subtle urge to be successful, especially in the eyes of our peers. Time is money and there are lots of shiny distractions…

Of course Japanese also has lots of shiny toys. Japanese culture also has a history toward mastery and zen. That may factor into why students sought to solve the impossible math problem. And then, what is life, perhaps an impossible problem? Maybe I should just enjoy the ride more and not worry about success or what others think of me.

I do like his usage of meditation to train himself to be more patient. My recent meditation sessions have been shortened by dissatisfaction to time elapsing. There's always room to improve. We could look at life like an impossible problem, or a journey.