June 11, 2017

When We become a Muse to Our Tools

There are many in the UN & global corporate/finance that seek a carbon tax. It's not going to happen but that's not due to a lack of effort. This is why Trump pulled the US out of the multi-lateral Paris accord. The US was under energy sanctions & the US gave away money to "developing" economies such as China & India. This was a form of sovereign wealth transfer guided by global governance. Fortunately it was voluntary & Trump acted correctly in pulling out of the accord, though the UN is suing to keep the US locked in. Effectively, this is using international trade law to impose governance upon the US.

Sovereign problems also occur when the U.N. recommends localities have coordinated mandates, aka Sustainable Development. These initiatives take land off of the market, which hurts people who do not have wealth, because land, home, & rent prices are driven up. Effectively, the people have less housing at a higher price. This in turn increases homelessness & social instability. Bad deal for the US, or any other sovereign nation.

From the UNFCCC, we see "sustainable" initiatives such as "stack & pack housing". Experiments have been done on crowding people together. This leads to strained social conditions & even leads to inevitable social collapse.

I suspect that this is done on purpose to undermine sovereign nations. Even if this is not the intention, we need to be vigilant against the possibility that Entities wish to undermine US sovereignty through various means, obvious & non-obvious.

Notice that Trump also pulled out of the TPP & NAFTA. These are multi-lateral agreements that reek of global governance. Instead, we need to only have bi-lateral agreements with other nations, to keep the integrity of US sovereignty. This is what BRICS is all about.